Planting seeds for our future by supporting early childhood endeavors and, separately, preserving our environment.

In 2020, the Sprout Foundation will be dedicating its resources to supporting the successful operation of Headwaters Ecology and Community Centers (doing business as Headwaters Center and Headwaters River Journey, a 501(c)(3) operating foundation in Winter Park, Colorado).

Headwaters Center provides:
  • a community and event center for all residents of, organizations in, and visitors to Grand County;
  • cultural offerings such as music, Museum Without Walls;
  • a venue for meetings and fundraisers for other 501(c)(3) organizations;
  • Headwaters River Journey interactive exhibit space;
  • and a bricks and mortar classroom and cost support for Higher Education in Grand County.

Support of Headwaters Center furthers Sprout Foundation’s dual missions of care for the environment and education/care for our youth.

Due to these requirements, we cannot consider inquiries or grant applications during 2020. For more information on Headwaters Center, please visit