Planting seeds for our future
by supporting the well-being of children and, separately, preserving our environment

Since 2005, the Sprout Foundation has supported non-profit organizations that share our passion for preserving the environment and promoting the healthy development and well-being of children. The Sprout Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private family foundation that serves both the Denver Metro Area and Grand County. We award grants quarterly, on an invitation-only basis, for both capital and operational needs.

Grand County Mission

The Sprout Foundation continues to support our two original concerns—children and the environment—and in Grand County, we fund a broader range of programs than we do in the Denver Metro Area. In addition to considering child-related programs that support children from early childhood through their secondary school years, and environmental programming that directly impacts the health of our environment, we will consider supporting local organizations outside of these two focus areas (see below).

We have refined our granting process to maximize our impact, better communicate our goals to possible grantees, and ensure our team spends as much time as possible on mission-focused grantee opportunities. With this in mind, the Sprout Foundation will consider funding 501(c)(3) organizations serving Grand County and offering:

  • Child-focused programs that support academic readiness and performance in school and/or promote healthy development and optimum mental health, and that demonstrate measurable outcomes; child-focused programs such as childcare or health/safety- and education-related services
  • Hands-on environmental programs or projects that impact our local environment directly (or more remotely, such as those that impact our water supply or the air we breathe)
  • Recreational, cultural, and other programs that meet a need or enrich our community on a broad level

Keeping the above Grand County-specific information in mind, learn more about our overall funding priorities and see a sample of representative grants.