If you have already received an invitation to apply

For organizations invited to apply, we accept applications throughout the year, with funding decisions made on a quarterly basis.

  1. Click here to download our application form.
  2. Fill out the grant application form completely.
  3. Click here to submit your application.

If you have not received an invitation to apply

Thank you for your interest in a grant from the Sprout Foundation. We currently accept applications on an invitation-only basis.

If you have not already received an invitation to submit an application and feel your organization could be a fit for funding after reading about our mission, the traits we look for in organizations, and the types of programs or projects we do not support, please submit the following information to grantrequest@sprout-foundation.org for our review:

  1. A link to your website
  2. A brief summary of your organization’s mission and the program or project you want funded, and a description of measurable outcomes
  3. Your contact information

Please note: We will review all submitted information carefully. We will reach out to you with an invitation within 120 days if your organization, goals, impact, and programming are determined to be a fit with the Sprout Foundation’s goals. In some instances, we may contact you if clarification is needed.